Saturday, April 28, 2012

Navy Fleet Week in NOLA


A little over a week ago (Thursday, April 19th), Rob took off work to take us to New Orleans to tour the war ships and the tall ships that were on display for Navy Fleet Week in honor of the Bi-Centennial of the War of 1812.  We thought it would be a fun, learning day with the family.

When we found out about this opportunity it was just a few days before the event began but I was still able to schedule a group tour of one of the war ships for our family.  You had to have 10 or more for a group tour so our family qualified:)

Here’s 3 of the war ships as we are heading there for our group tour of the USS Mitschner.  We toured the one in front.


A large cargo ship going down the Mississippi River full of 18-wheeler truck boxes.


The Navy band playing as we got closer to our ship.


USS Mitschner

_4190012 _4190026

The kids waiting for our tour.


All of us


Our big boys with the “big” boys!

Yes, they had them armed and ready around all of the ships. 


These sailors were teaching our kids all about their weapons, uniforms, and what they do before we got on the ship.

_4190034 _4190035

_4190031 _4190033 _4190039

The U.S Coast Guard were present.


Tall Ships




We passed this paddle boat on our way to eat lunch before going on the USS WASP.


After lunch, we got on the USS WASP.  This was a carrier war ship and it was huge.  I didn’t get a picture of the outside due to the size.


This ship had two other smaller boats/ships inside it.  We were able to tour different sections of the ship, touch and feel, and get in/on the different vehicles.


IMG-20120419-00686  IMG-20120419-00687

IMG-20120419-00690  IMG-20120419-00691

IMG-20120419-00689  IMG-20120419-00692


_4190066 _4190067

_4190069 _4190070



Outside on the deck were more vehicles along with this helicopter.


Inside the helicopter

IMG-20120419-00697 _4190082


Yes, they got to hold the real thing!!!

IMG-20120419-00701 _4190087

IMG-20120419-00702  IMG-20120419-00703

_4190088 _4190091


_4190116 _4190095

Isaac exploring the training missile.  Cai came over to make sure Isaac didn’t hurt himself.

_4190103  _4190105

These packs were heavy.  Cai and Tate needed help to lift them on but not Ian.

_4190107 _4190108 _4190109

_4190111 _4190110


Our crew in front of the tank:)


I love this face that Isaac makes.  It makes me smile every time.  Ian was carrying Isaac after we departed the ship.


A view that we had while walking down the street.


To finish our day, we decided to take a ride on one of the trolley cars. 

Waiting for the trolley



Hanging out on the trolley during one of the stops.

_4190138 _4190136

Isaac playing with Daddy’s hat:)


It was a long day but very fun.  The little ones did great especially without naps or a short nap and a lot of walking.  Isaac and Asa fell asleep in the strollers while we were waiting for lunch.  Most of them fell asleep on our drive home after our full day.

I think we all had a good time and many of us learn a lot.  I’m thankful that Rob decided to take the day off to take us on this adventure.  It was a great, family, field trip!

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