Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Camping Trip ~ Day 1/Part 1

The Thursday before Easter, we had our bi-annual church camping trip at Fountainebleau State Park.  We had several days of lots of rain before the camping trip so there was no surprise when arrived and found lots of water surrounding our camp sites.  Thankfully the kids did a pretty good job keeping dry and not muddy considering the circumstances.

Asa having fun while the others are setting up our tents. 

P4052027 P4052029 P4052032


Getting set up

_4050002 _4050003

I think there’s someone behind that tree.

(armed and dangerous)

_4050004 _4050005

Abram and Isaac


Daddy and Isaac


Cai and Isaac


Tossing the football

(Can you see Ian’s shoe come flying off when he kicked the ball?)

_4050015  _4050016

After a little afternoon nap for the little ones, we headed down to the beach for a little water fun before dinner.

_4050020 _4050021

Part 2 coming soon…Thursday beach fun!


Me said...

Oh, I wish we could have been there - definitely one of my favorite camp grounds! We are thinking of a trip to the States next year (have only been to New York State for a sad occasion in 2011, it is time for a fun trip again!)

The Munck Family said...

WOW, always love the camping trip ya'll much fun! Isaac is getting so big, and so 'boy'!

I love the family picture at the side of the blog, it's really good. Hope your having a good spring.