Thursday, May 24, 2012

15 years Ago…

15 years ago today, I was getting ready to walk down the aisle to make a promise before God to my beloved.

15 years ago today, I became a wife to my beloved and he became my husband.  The Lord continues to knit our hearts together in ways unspeakable.  Oh how, I love you more today than I did on that day!

The Lord has blessed me with a man who loves the Lord, loves his wife, loves his children, loves God’s people, and strives to honor Him in all that he says and does.  Who could ask for any more?  I’m so thankful for you, My Love.

15 years later, here we are together.
rob and i
15 years later, we are blessed and thankful for each and every one that the Lord has blessed us with to teach and train up in the ways of the Lord.   Thank you, Lord, for granting us these 15 years together and I pray that you would grant us many more years to love one another and serve You!
vertical family
Happy 15th Anniversary to you,
My Love!!!!


Kristy said...

How sweet! Looks like you two are surely blessed :)

Cinnamon said...

You two are so adorable. Then and now. Happy Anniversary to you both!

Love all the pictures :-)


Kristal said...

Happy Anniversary! We are coming up on 16 years... hard to believe!

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Happy Anniversary Rob and Amy!

The Lord has richly blessed you each with a godly spouse to nurture, sharpen, and encourage the other in your walk with Christ!

Miss and love you guys!