Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Zoo Trip

Two Saturdays ago, some families from our church met up at the Baton Rouge Zoo for a day of zoo, picnic, and water fun.


Shining the train and getting it ready for the day.



The kids always love playing and getting their hands wet on the revolving world fountain.

P5042516 P5042521

ROAR!!!  Relaxing in the sun:)

 P5042524 _5050021

Some of our wild animals;)

 P5042525 _5050037

Isaac and sweet Ms. A

P5042537 P5042543

Mr.I and Asa getting a good look at something!


Our group for the day minus Pastor Dale who was taking the picture and another family who joined us at the park afterwards.


P5042564 _5050139

Emma and Mr. N

 P5042567 P5042558

After the zoo, we drove over to a newly renovated park for a picnic lunch.  Then, the kids changed into their wet clothes to play in the spray park and playground.

P5052586P5052625  P5052622

Isaac wasn’t happy about the water. 

All of mine have gone through stages.  Before age 1, they don’t seem to care.  After 1, they don’t care for it and around 2 and up they enjoy it again.  Does your kids go through stages with water too?P5052608

Silly Cai, water-loving Ian, and Mr. Cade

Cade said he wasn’t going to play at the splash park but he changed his mind after he got hot.  For those of you who know our weather, you know that didn’t take long;)


Look at these cuties.

They had dried off and were ready to go.  Well, at least, they were dry;)


It was a fun day with friends/church family.  The kids always enjoy the zoo and they love splash parks.  It was a perfect combination.

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