Monday, June 11, 2012

A Tea Par-Tea

Several weekends ago, the girls and I went to a tea party in honor of Miriam and Micah Lindsay.  As always, Candi did a great job making every thing lovely. 

_5260103 _5260124

Flower cupcakes_5260109 The food was delicious!

_5260111 _5260112 

Flower pb & J sandwiches, fruit, scones

_5260113_5260115 _5260114 

chicken salad sandwiches, cheese and pepperonis, spinach dip, and veggies

_5260116 _5260117_5260119

She had a table set-up with necklaces, gloves, hats, purses, shoes all for the girls to play dress up.

 _5260120 _5260121

 _5260127 _5260128

Then, they decorated tea pot picture frames.  She took pictures of each girl and printed it out for the frame.  My lovely “teapots” sit in my kitchen window above my sink:)

 _5260131 _5260134_5260130

Miriam and Micah

 _5260136 _5260139


_5260142 _5260143

Time for tea

_5260145 _5260149

 _5260155 _5260153

 _5260157 _5260158

After we ate, the girls opened their presents.  Then, it was more dress-up and play.  You can go here to see Candi’ pictures.  She has group shots and individual shots of the girls.


Cinnamon said...

So adorable! I love your ideas. I peeked over at Candi's blog...great pictures there too!

You two inspire me with all your neat ideas.


The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Sweet times! They look so classy! Glad you had fun!!!