Saturday, June 23, 2012

They’re Back!

Well, my 2nd group of children made it back from visiting with family yesterday afternoon.  We are all back together and getting back on schedule.  Both groups of children had a great time while they were away and each group did a few different things.  There was bowling, swimming, going to a safari, lots of eating, and playing.  However, some of the boys did some work for my mom and uncle to help them out while they were there and made some money.

I’m glad to have them back.  I had told you that we had figured out who was loud but the group with me lthis week was quiet too.  Therefore, the volume seems to be much louder when they are all together.  Imagine that!!!

This week, I had 3 boys doing school work.  Cai and Abram were energetic and got all of their work done for the week by Wednesday.  Cade has more work being in 7th grade but he also got to go with daddy to New Orleans one day last week and we had a park day on Thursday.  However, he doubled up and got it done. 

I took the five with me swimming this week at a neighbor’s pool.  I don’t have any pictures because I was keeping my eyes on the kids (especially Asa and Isaac) but they had fun.

Here's a few pictures from our time at the park:











I didn’t take very many pictures.  Instead, I sat, watched, and chatted with other moms from our homeschool group who had met at the park.  These days I’m feeling tired and nausea most of the day except when I’m eating.

I also attended a informational meeting for our homeschool moms regarding homeschooling through high school and what the colleges are expecting one evening this week.  I’ll post a few photos from that very soon.

How was your week?

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