Friday, July 20, 2012

Rob Update 7/20

From Pastor Dale:  Pastor Rob is continuing with his rehabilitation. As you know, he checked into the Touro Rehabilitation Center last Friday. He is continuing to see various medical specialists who are helping with his medical needs. He began the regimen of rehab on Monday. They have been teaching him to use a wheelchair in which he is sitting for several hours each day. He is able to move about some which he says is exhausting. They are also working with “transitioning,” the term used to describe moving from one object to another, such as going from bed to wheelchair and back, etc. He isn’t able to make these transitions by himself but they are teaching him techniques that will aid those helping him. Although he still doesn’t have use of his hands they are using a strap which holds a spoon or fork and he has been feeding himself lunch. I told him last night he looks visibly thinner—he just smiled. His appetite has been increasing since he’s been in rehab. He has also been getting better sleep.

Amy has been staying with the family of a friend in New Orleans so she can be near the hospital. They’ve decided to leave the kids with family out of town for another week so the meal schedule has changed. Check the meal schedule if you would like to help:


Many of the medical team have commented on Rob’s positive attitude. This is surely the greatest test of his faith he has ever experienced but he is continuing to look to Christ for his comfort and strength. Pray that God will grant him many opportunities to glorify Him. And please continue to pray for Pastor Rob’s progress. It is our prayer that God will grant him marvelous healing from his paralysis.

Psalm 118:16 NAU - "The right hand of the LORD is exalted; The right hand of the LORD does valiantly."

Also Amy posted this picture of him earlier in the week.  Rob is still not able to use his fingers but can lift food to his mouth to eat when it is placed in his hand! He stole this cookie from Amy! :)


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