Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rob Update 7/8

Today was a difficult day for Pastor Rob. Although he was able to go to a regular room, he felt so poorly he was not able to receive visitors. However, he was able to see Ian, Tate, Cai & Abram for a little visit.  He has a lot of fluid on his lungs which is making breathing difficult and he lacks the power to cough it up.

Amy was able to get some much needed rest last night since they offered her a more comfortable chair.  Now that they’re in a regular room, Amy will be more comfortable since she’ll have a “bed” and will be able to use her phone/laptop and eat/drink in the room with him.



The Munck Family said...

Peace and rest be with you tonight. Thrilled to hear you are in a real room...and praying for a clearing of the fluid.

A -huge- (((HUG))) to you my sweet friend!

Rochelle said...

So sorry to hear about this...I will be following this family & sharing this story with others. Many prayers will be said...Lord, please take care of this man and his family <3

Hugs from Elk Grove, CA

Treva Copeland said...

Praying for Rob and all of you,
love, Treva Copeland