Thursday, January 24, 2013

Scavenger Hunt

A few weeks ago, we had a church scavenger hunt at Cabela’s.   We had contacted the store to ask for permission and they were delighted to have us use their store. 

We split up into teams.  Our team was our family minus Cade, Ian and Tate and another young married couple, Adam and Sarah.  Cade, Ian, and Tate were on their own team along with one other boy.  We had a list of items that were valued at different point levels that we had to find in the store.  Also, we had to follow the instructions by including the number of people in each people that was specified on the list.  They were also looking for creativity in the pictures.

Here’s a few pictures from our group:

Sarah with a pink rifle


Cai in a hunting blind


Abram and Cai with two orange hunting vest


Cai, Emma, Abram, and Sarah sitting in front of the animal listed on the sheet.

(Sorry, I can’t remember the name of the animal!)


3 team members on the stairs


2 team members with a net

(Yes, Cai caught Rob with the net!)


2 team members with a school of fish


Adam in front of a pond.


Sarah in a dog blind.


Cai in a cowboy hat


Ok, it was suppose to be one team member in a cowboy hat but I had to take this one because I thought Sarah and Emma were too cute:)


Here’s your pregnant picture!

5 team members with the Jerman Buck.


5 team members with an elephant


This was a fun activity.  After the scavenger hunt, everyone came back to our house for lunch.  We had pizza, chips, and dessert.  Once everyone filled their tummies, we went to the living room to view each team’s pictures on our tv . (We hooked up a laptop to the tv and Cesar made a slide show from all the pictures.)  I think we had just as much fun looking at all the pictures as we did the scavenger hunt. 

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