Friday, January 4, 2013

Update - 01/04/13

Wow!  It’s been 6 months since this new journey began for us.  It’s hard to believe that it has been that long.  It stills feels like it was yesterday.  I’m sorry it has taken me so long to do another update for I know we have many out there who are faithfully praying for Rob and our family.  We are so grateful to you!  Our lives stay busy but we are managing.  I use therapy times to do things like banks statements, pay bills, go through paperwork, do blog post when possible, etc so that I can focus on other things when we are at home such as taking care of the children, school, daily task, keeping the house going, tending to Rob etc.  I also coordinate field trips for our homeschool group, Bayou Cajun Homeschoolers.  I’m very thankful for my friend, Candi, who took over the responsibilities for a while until I felt able to jump back in again. 

We’d like to wish you a Happy New Year.  We look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for our family this year whether it be good or bad for we know it is all ordained by Him for His glory.  I did have to take Rob to the ER two days ago due to some issues he started having which had never happened before.  He had a bladder issue which led to a huge spike in his blood pressure which led to a terrible headache which then led to what appeared to be mini seizures.  He was conscious through the episodes but it was uncontrollable.  By the time we were seen by someone in the ER, he was back to normal.  They are saying that it was not seizures but intense muscle spasms which were reacting to different issues he was having.  He is doing fine and back to normal at this point.

Yes, it was a very exciting start to our new year but we keep pressing on.  During family worship last night, Rob was telling the children that he is expecting to see great and mighty things from our God this year because when we are weak, he is strong.  He was letting the kids know that he is weaker than he has ever been in his life and looks with great anticipation. 

We have close to 3 weeks left until our due date for baby girl Shelby.  I will be 37 weeks as of Monday.  Everyone is getting very excited and looking forward to her arrival.  Due to all of our current circumstances, we have chosen to have a home birth with this little one.  I have had 9 natural births with no complications and have a licensed home birth midwife to help us with the delivery.  Emma and Sarah are looking forward to being a part of the birth this time.  It will be nice to have everyone at home and enjoy my own bed immediately afterwards.  Pray for me as I will have a few extra responsibilities to continue after giving birth than with my other children.   

Rob is continuing his outpatient therapy but we have decreased it to 2 days a week since insurance will only pay (minus our co-pay) for 90 visits.  This will allow him to spread it out for the year.  It will also give us more time at home which will be helpful.  He hasn’t started work yet but we have been trying to get everything in order for him to start as soon as possible.  He was hoping to start back the first of January but that didn’t happen.  It seems to be a longer process than expected dealing with the LTD insurance company, employer, and issues that have to be worked out.  We have been working on this since the end of November.  Our short term disability has ended as of Dec. 31st so now long term kicks in but at a lesser percentage than the 100% we were receiving.  The Lord has been so good to us through His people.  Rob will be starting back slowing and increasing back to a full time pace as he is able.  We are very thankful that he is going to be able to work from home and that his employer is being so accomodating. 

Now, I would like to take time to give thanks.  Thank you to all of you who have sent gifts during this Christmas season,  helped us out in many ways, and continue to pray for us.  We had a little church in Pennsylvania send Christmas stockings to the children which they enjoyed opening.  We’ve had different Sunday School classes from local churches do different things for us such as paying for someone to come and deep clean my house, a class bring boxes of food along with a gift card for us, and one class invited Rob and I to their Christmas party and paid for our dinner and gave us a generous monetary gift.  We had many people send us cards.  The list goes on and on.  You know who you are who have graciously given to us in the different ways this Christmas.  We were also blessed by many of our neighbors who gave various gifts to help our family.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 

Side note:  Isaac’s had his surgery and it went very well.  He never let it slow him down!  You can barely tell where the incision was with no more cyst.

Some new and continued prayer requests:

1.  Continue to pray for Rob’s strength and healing.  He still having more issues with muscle spasms due the cooler weather.  Also, pray that he will be able to start back to work soon.  He is very eager to get back to more normal.  I love him so much and am inspired by his hard work and attitude. The Lord had truly blessed me with this man.

2.  Pray that the Lord would guide us and help us to accomplish all that needs to be done each day regarding school, the home, training up our children in the ways they should go, chores, and normal daily tasks. This is an ongoing request!

3.  Pray that the Lord would continue to show himself through our family and that He would continue to receive all of the praise and glory through this journey that He has purposed for us to walk.  He continues to open up opportunities for our family to exalt the name of Christ Jesus.

4.  Pray for baby girl Shelby and the upcoming labor/delivery.  We have 3 weeks and 2 days left until my due date (Jan. 28th).  My babies have come anywhere from 2 weeks early to one day after the due date.  We are getting excited for her arrival.  Please pray for a safe and quick delivery.

5.  Pray for me as I continue to care for Rob, the children, and all of the additional and regular daily tasks.  Help me not to murmur or complain but to do it lovingly.  Pray that I would be patience with the children and learn to speak softer instead of louder.  I struggle each and every day and continue to be a work in progress. May the Lord grant me strength to be a godly wife and mother each day!  Thankful that even when I fail, He is there, grants me forgiveness, and a new day to try again.  This is a daily challenge!!!

For those of you who continue asked how you can help, you can go to

Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!  Ps 115:1

O Lord, our Lord,
how majestic is your name in all the earth!
You have set your glory above the heavens

Psalms 8:1

The Lord is good,
a stronghold in the day of trouble;
he knows those who take refuge in him.

Nahum 1:7

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The Munck Family said...

Our family prayers remain with you ALL daily. And mine continue throughout the day. The update was wonderful , and it is amazing the path the Lord has taken you on the past 6 months. In that time your testimony has been shining a "huge" light for His kingdom.

Much love to you all,
Laura for all the Muncks