Monday, July 15, 2013

A Girlie Day

A couple of weeks ago Emma and Sarah got to have a girlie day with some neighbors(sisters), Rachel and Elise.  They came down and picked up the girls early that morning to start their day.

First, they made breakfast.

Elise and Emma making muffins.

Rachel and Emma 
Elise and Sarah
Then, they did hair and painted their toes and fingernails.
Enjoying their backyard with a cool drink.
Having fun swinging :)
While they were there, they made tie-dyed shirts.

Dress-up and Ballet

They even made pizza for lunch!

Here's Anna Claire and I sporting our shirts that they made us so that all the girls would match:)

Emma and Sarah had so much fun!  Emma said, "It was the best day!"  Now, Rachel and Elise have started reading, Little House In the Big Woods to the girls.    Emma and Sarah look forward to spending time with them.

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