Monday, March 31, 2014

Trinity Olympics

Our church, Trinity Baptist Church, had a great day at the park two weekends ago with our Trinity Olympics.  Laura and Cesar did a great job organizing all of the events and setting up the area at a local park.  Most of the events were for the children but a few with the parents in the mix.  We had the 50 yard dash, relays, three-legged race, sack race, egg race, standing long jump, wheel-barrow race, and  tug o’war.

Here’s a pic of our group for the day (minus a few people):


On your mark, Get Set, Go…

464  466

467 468

I loved watching everyone hopping in the “sacks”!


478 479 480

481 483 485


497 500

501 502

Three-legged Races

508 510 513

Well, at least, this team made it over the finish line;)


Little buddies Cole and Asa/Anna Claire having naptime in her stroller during some of the events

514 515

Wheel Barrow Races


Egg Races

524 525 527

Tug O’War



Passing out the winning ribbons (1st and Second places)


Sweet Anna Claire

531 532 533

Here’s a video of the some of the races:

Everyone had a great time and the weather was wonderful. Thank you Cesar and Laura for all of your hard work putting all of this together!!! 

You can check out some other great pictures from our day here.

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