Monday, October 13, 2014

Abilities Expo

132 Back in July, Rob and I got to enjoy a couple of days away together.  We went to Houston, Tx to check out the Abilities Expo.  He was able to talk to many different reps with wheel chairs, chair cushions,  handicap accessible vehicles that have been modified for handicap people to drive, handicap accessible bikes, and so much more.  

Here he is trying a motorized wheel that you can be added to your manual wheelchair which will drive your wheel chair for you so you don’t have to worry about tiring out your arms. 

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We looked at many different modified vehicles and talked to different reps so we could find out info regarding what is available in case Rob ever gets to where he can drive again.  This truck was really cool for those who like trucks.  Boy, these modified vehicles are really expensive too!!!


They even have off road options for handicap people!

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Rob talking to another quad about cycling.  This was his personal racing bicycle.  It was pretty neat to see all of the options available for quadriplegics. 

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It was a great couple days.  We learned much while at the expo but the best part for me was spending a few days with my man.  This was a very rare occasion for us.



*Trying to catch from the past few months!

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