Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Fun Night with Mom

 Back in July, I was able to take Anna Claire and Abram for a night of fun with mom while some of the older boys went with dad to a men's eat out with other men from our church and the other kids were out of town visiting family.

Abram was able to pick where he wanted to go hang out as long as it was in a close proximity of where we dropped off Rob and the boys.  So, he picked the mall.

Here we are before going in:

We went to the food court for dinner.  He picked Raising Cane's while I picked Greek.  Anna Claire ate a combination of our two meals:)  After supper, we rode the carousel.

Abram and I

Me and Anna Claire 

This was their first time to ride the carousel.  
(We don't go to the mall very often.)

Then, we walked to the play area so Anna Claire could enjoy some play time.

Taking selfies while Anna Claire plays...

We ended our night with ice cream for them from Chick-fil-a.  

It was such a special time.  So glad we were given this opportunity!

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