Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Landry Academy 2-Day Biology Lab Intensive

In February, we had the opportunity to host the Landry Academy 2-day Lab Intensive for the Louisiana.  Landy Academy has teachers that travel the country teaching these classes to homeschoolers in each state.  We had 24 students from all over Louisiana and some for Mississippi.

Our boys, Cade, Ian, and Tate, were able to participate in this class this year.  I highly recommend their classes.  Their teacher, Miss Brittany, was awesome!!

Here's some of  the things they cover in class:
Autopsy style dissections of sheep (similar to human):
-Pregnant uterus (usually done in college level anatomy labs)
-fetal pig dissection
-cow eye
Diffusion and osmosis
Acid / base assessments will be performed
Metric applications to Biology and medicine
DNA extraction and isolation
Blood typing Rh Factor determination
Hematocrit level
Comparison of healthy and smoker's lungs to investigate anatomical and physiological differences
Students will eat ice cream, candy, etc. for breakfast to produce a "glucose load challenge" to help them understand the pancreas, glucose absorption, diabetes, normal and abnormal glucose response curves, and the production and function of insulin (usually done in college level anatomy labs)
Microscope use, preparation of a wet mount, and simple staining
Phenylthiocarbamide to study genetics
Pulmonary (lung) function tests on each student. (usually done in college level anatomy labs)
Preparation of college-quality lab reports


Unknown said...

Do you still have $100 coupons available??

Unknown said...

No, I do not have any more available. However, they usually run specials around Easter. How did you hear about the coupons?

Unknown said...

Hi Amy. Glad I found your blog. Love the family photos. Hope to see you this summer for another biology intensive!