Sunday, August 31, 2008

Preparing for Hurricane Gustav

For the past few days we have been getting things prepared to endure Hurricane Gustav. We have bought lots of snack food, water, batteries, etc. I figured if nothing else everyone could survive on junk food for several days. Here are some pictures of how we got the outside of the house prepared. We tried to get rid of all potential projectiles.

These are our wrought iron patio chairs tied to our swing set.

Our soccer goal and fort are tied up to the swing set.

This is the inside of our storage room that is full of all of the loose outside toy and bikes.

Another view of the storage room filled will our storage bins full of toys (outside toy boxes) and water.
This shows some of our plants also being stored in the storage room. The plants just started a resurgence in growth especially the bell peppers.

We put our basketball goal down to keep it from flying. It is also propped against our fence. This happens to be the side of the fence which fell down during Hurricane Katrina.

We turned our wrought iron patio table upside down and against the fence because it was turned over during Katrina.

See this tree. It was uprooted during Katrina but we were able to pick it back up and support it for a while and it rooted back in the ground.

We decided to tie it up to the swing set and fence to try to reinforce it for the storm. Will it survive?? If we have damage, I will do another entry on the after of Gustav.

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