Thursday, September 4, 2008

Aftermath of Gustav

Monday, Hurricane Gustav came sweeping across our city. We were one of the hardest hit areas in the state. Not the hardest but one of them. It was worst than Hurricane Betsy back in 1965 which held the record for the worst hurricane for that area until Sept. 1, 2008. Our family was very
blest and only lost shingles from our roof unlike the result from Hurricane Katrina three years ago. Most of our friends had very little damage besides shingles and loss of electricity. They say it could be days to weeks before everyone regains electricity.

Unfortunately, our church sustained major damage from the storm and we will not be able to use the building for a while. The roof was ripped off of half the building which allowed the rain water to pour in and flood the majority of the building from the top floor to the bottom. Everything that could be savage was moved to the sanctuary until everything else can be repaired. Water poured down the walls and into the nursery and into Pastor Dale's office. The insurance adjuster has already come out and a company started pulling up the carpet and working on the clean up today.

Here are a few pictures that we took from our neighborhood and some of the areas right around our house.

A tree fell down and crushed this house.

The is a home in our neighborhood. A tree fell and took out their carport and the back of their house along with their vehicle in the carport. This was the day after the storm and someone is already out working to remove the tree.

Another large tree pulled out of the ground.

This gentleman is slowly but surely working to clear what he can off of his property. He had a lot of trees and debris down in his yard.

We were driving to look at the damage and you can see the electrical trucks in front of us going to different locations.

This is the other part of that house above which was taken out by a tree.

This is another house in our neighborhood where they are putting a gigantic tarp over their roof to protect it from the rain that continues to fall.
This is an example of the long lines of people waiting to get gas in our area. The cars are lined up along the road just to get into this gas station.

This is just another example of some of the damage people experienced due to Hurricane Gustav.

Now, we have hurricane Ike out in the waters and we are waiting to see if it will enter the Gulf and cause us more problems.

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