Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Day in the Life of Some Homeschoolers!

Today was one of those days in the life of a mom who homeschools. My two oldest children had one of those days in which it took them "forever" to complete their assignments. The others (which is rare) got up this morning and did all of their work quickly with good attitudes today. This is a reverse day for us. Typically, Cade and Ian get right to their work and complete it in a timely manner while the others delay and complain more. These are some pictures of the children playing while their brothers had to stay inside to finish their work. They were having a good time together.

Cai, Tate, and Abram roller blading or skating.

The team of three grinning big!

Crash! They didn't stand together very long.

Cade and Ian

Cai and Emma
Tate and Abram
Sarah sleeping while some play and some work.

Sweet Sarah
Mommy's attempt at pigtails!
These were some extra pictures taken today!


Taryn said...

Hey Amy,

I love love love the pigtails. They are soooo cute on Emma! How long did she leave them in? LOL

Later Mater,

Anonymous said...

I too loved the pigtails on Emma. She looks sweet in them. Looks like the younger boys had fun! Sarah is such a pretty baby!

Love all of you bunches and bunches,
Anonymous (Alias Momma/Nana)

Tracy said...

I especially like the last one of Abram! The pig tails are great!