Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mending the Goal

Today the children spent there time working with dad around the house and playing as well. While I was gone grocery shopping this morning, the boys helped Daddy plant some seeds that we have been sprouting in our kitchen window. Then, Ian and Tate worked on mending the soccer goal. Later that morning, Rob taught Cade, Ian, and Tate how to play two on two flag football. They had a great time.

Ian and Tate mending the net.

Working diligently!

Tate focused on the task at hand.

IanEmma came over to check out the goal.

Abram playing on the swing set platform.

Cai getting ready for some football!

This picture was taken after supper tonight. While I was cleaning up after supper, Emma decided to get her vacuum cleaner out to vacuum with Mommy.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the kids were having fun and learning at the same time.
BTW...Where were Cade and Sarah during all of these pictures?

Amy Shelby said...

Not sure who sent this comment but I will answer this anyway. Cade was playing and Sarah was sleeping. Rob was taking pictures and I guess he didn't get one of Cade for whatever reason.

BTW, If you want me to know who you are please leave sign your name at the bottom of the post. Anonymous is helpful for those who do not have accounts at the other sites. Thanks!!

Taryn said...

Hey Amy,

Sounds like y'all had a busy Saturday. Great fun with daddy!

Tracy said...

Fun! Good pictures too Dad!