Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tapestry Projects

Genesis 25:29-34
Today we worked on two different projects for our study of the patriarchs with our Tapestry of Grace curriculum. We cooked Lentil Stew this evening for dinner to represent the stew that Esau sold his birthright to Issac in order to receive a meal. It was served with whole wheat tortillas to scoop the stew to represent how they would have eaten the meal.
It actually turned out yummy!

The second project was to make "tables". This was to represent the tables that Abraham, Sarah, and Issac used. Excerpt from "Old Testament Days" by Nancy I. Sanders:
Even the table had to be packed up and carried along, so it was made from leather. Abraham's servants spread the table out on the ground. The leather was shaped like a circle, and everyone ate while sitting around it on the ground. Every meal for Abraham and his family looked just like a picnic for your family today!
The leather table had loops attached all around the edge of it. Each time Abraham's family moved, they threaded a rope through all the loops. Pulling the rope tight, the table formed a bag the travelers used to carry their possessions in.

Working on the tables!

We had ironed the fabric before we put the rope in order for it to lay flat.

The children are displaying their tables. By the way, the boys were fixing to leave to go swimming when they took this picture which is why they are in their swim suits.

Finished product!

This post is dedicated to Mrs. Julie and Elizabeth.


Tracy said...

Cute project!

Amy Shelby said...

Thanks for checking out our blog. We had a fun time doing this project. Funny thing is that I am not a project person. That is one thing I worried about when using Tapestry. However, we have had fun working in some projects this year. We plan on making Egyptian Paddle Dolls this week. We will be moving from the Patriarchs to Moses and Egypt this week. I'm sure I will post a picture if we get the project done this week.

Julie said...

I am SO proud of you! I commend you for the effort it took to let the children make things and to even cook a special meal for them. The "tables" look great! Looks like they enjoyed it all, and I'm sure they will remember it everytime they read that Bible story. Thank you for the "dediction" too! : )