Sunday, September 7, 2008

Playing During Gustav

Hurricane Gustav struck on Monday, Sept. 1st which was Labor Day 2008. We lost power around noon that day. We were without power until Wednesday afternoon. Rob sent the children and I to WM to stay with family while we were without power. Of course, once we made it there my neighbor called to tell me we had power again. We decided to stay a couple of days to visit our family since we were already there. Plus, it was hard to get gasoline and food. We enjoyed the time that we were able to spend with them. We drove back Friday evening and were excited to be back with Daddy. I went to Walmart Saturday to get groceries to restock the refrigerator. It was a mad house and you don't get the same selection of products.

These are some of the things that went on while we were at the house with no electricity.

Rob bought an inverter for his truck so that we could plug in a small TV in order to watch the news during the storm. We were able to plug in a box fan as well to circulate the air in the house. It was a great $20 investment. The TV and fan ran off of the truck battery so he would just crank up his truck periodically to recharge his battery.

Abram built him a small gun out of "sticky" blocks for protection during the storm.

I think Hurricane Shelby struck my living room instead of Gustav!

Not quite sure what Cai was doing???

Tate and Emma were at the counter playing.

Abram is now playing at the dining table with dinosaurs, "sticky" blocks, and little critters.

Rob is watching Gov. Bobby Jindal speaking during one of his briefings.

Cade built him a large castle/fort out of our large wooden domino blocks and had his little critters as his soldiers.
Cai is sitting by daddy watching the TV.

By the way, our Heavenly Father sent cool weather after the storm which helped to make it much more comfortable and tolerable during the power outage. Unfortunately, there are still many without power and it will not be restored for days to weeks. May the Lord continue to bless them and protect them. I hope that He will continue to bring cool weather for them. He is our shelter from the storm!

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