Monday, October 13, 2008

Camping at Lake Fausse Pointe

Here are some more pictures of our camping trip:

Our first night around the campfire.

This is our tent and our canopy over our picnic table. The boys' tent was to the left of the canopy. We had Abram, Emma, and Sarah in our tent while Cade, Ian, Tate, and Cai slept in another tent close by.

Christine and AJ

Rob with Abram, Ian, Cade, and Cai

Rob and Pastor Dale sitting around with us talking.

My man and I

Laura and Anneka

Cesar and Rob
Notice Rob has his supply of Diet Cokes on hand, one regular and one caffeine free:)

Isaiah sleeping in the stroller.

Cesar and Laura with four of their children, Micah, Josiah, Anneka, and Noah. Isaiah stayed with some of the others while they were in the canoe. He was the one sleeping above.

Tate is the only one who caught a fish this trip. He caught it off of the dock while he was fishing with some of the others.

Cade fishing off of the dock. I took this from the boat while Rob and I went out for a ride.

This one is for you, Taryn!!!

This was taken from one of the docks. Yes, this alligator was close to the shore. It came out of the water because William (Taryn's husband) started feeding it chicken. Thought you would enjoy this photo my friend, Taryn. Thank your husband! We saw several alligators on this trip but none of the pictures are this good.

A house on the lake!

I took these pictures while Rob and I were riding in the boat on the lake. Crane posing!


Taryn said...

Oh Man!!! Are y'all crazy!!! That was an alligator!!! And my kid was there too!!! Do you know they will eat you!!!


Anonymous said...

I want to set the record straight. Someone else had grilled some chicken and threw the scraps in the water; which is a bad idea. So, the chicken was already there and the gators knew it. I was just tossing it out a little further so the gators could get to it. This is why you don't play at the water's edge. 'Dem gators will git ya! -William

Amy Shelby said...

I love you William and Taryn!!!