Monday, October 13, 2008

Playing on the Playground While Camping

While we were camping we spent some time at one of the playgrounds at Lake Fausse Pointe. There is a smaller playground right by our campsites and we purposely pick those sites so that we can watch the children from our spot. There is a larger play area in a different area away from the campsites. Across from that area is a water park but it was closed for the season. We brought the children's swim clothes but they were not able to play there this time.

Cai ready to play.

Tate was just hanging around!

Abram getting ready to slide.
Emma wanted to know what about me!
Tate still hanging around!
Ian joined Tate...they were just a swinging!

AJ decided to try his hand at it. Yep, he still had it. I didn't get a picture of Rob hanging because he was taking the pictures!


Cai concentrating on the bars!

Caleb taking his turn on the bars.

Katie Faith

Cade was hiding out.

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