Monday, October 13, 2008

Loaded Up and Ready to Go!

Thursday we loaded up to go camping with some of the families from our church at Lake Fausse Point. We usually go twice a year together. We always have a lot of fun and the children look forward to going each time. I don't think we have ever left without stopping at Walmart before we leave. We seem to need something and always add to our camping stuff each time. Here are some of us in the Walmart parking lot waiting to leave. Rob, Ian, and Tate went in the store while we stayed and waited.

The trailer is loaded down.

Another view of the trailer.

Wood ready for a campfire in the back of Rob's truck.

Emma is in the van with me waiting to leave.

Sarah is chilling out while she waits on Daddy.

Abram and Cai are in the truck waiting for dad.

Cade, Emma, and Sarah rode with me in the van while Ian, Tate, Cai, and Abram rode with Rob.

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