Monday, October 13, 2008

Lunch Before Camping

Before we left town, we picked up Christine and her children, Kaylyn, Caleb, Katie Faith, and Elijah, so that they could go early with us. Her husband, AJ, had to work all day and was not able to be there until late that evening. They rode with us since we have plenty of room in the van and we could set up their tent before it got dark.

You can't check in to the park for your site until 2 p.m. so we go early and stop for lunch at McDonald's which is around 25 miles from Lake Fausse Pointe. This gives us time to eat and ready to set up when we get to the park.

Some of the kids waiting for their lunch.

Christine and I

Christine is not a big fan of fast food except Chick-fil-a so this was the first time her children ate McDonald's. We had to take a picture of this moment!

Caleb enjoying his hamburger.

Cai and Abram with their chicken nuggets.

Tate, Kaylyn, Ian, and Katie Faith.

Cade eating his double cheeseburger.

Sarah sucking on her first french fry!

Here is a funny story: After Mrs. Pat (our pastor's wife) came over to see what we were doing and if we needed any help from setting up our campsites, she made a comment regarding us. She said, "I wonder how many people have seen you and think look at him, he has two wives and 11 children." Not to mention Christine has another one on the way. Our sites were next to each other and we had not thought of that at all. Oh well, Rob doesn't have two wives and only has 7 children so far!

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