Saturday, October 25, 2008


We were very busy today getting our home in order to bring Rob's grandmother to live with us. She is 88 yo and is going to need 24/7 care. We moved beds, crib, etc from one of the children's room and moved all of them into one room. We stored all of the extra furniture in our attic. While Rob was up in the attic he found a box that had some of my things in it from my childhood. He found my Amy doll, a photo of my grandparents, and a photo album with pictures of me as a girl along with old pictures of my family. It was fun to find these things. The kids enjoyed looking at the pictures and thought I looked very funny when I was a girl. By the way, they were right!!

My Amy doll!

I've already washed and dried her. Emma was so excited to get her however I noticed that she is falling apart around the arms. I am going to try and repair her so that I can pass it on to Emma and Sarah.

My name is on her pocket. That is why I call her my Amy doll.

Old picture of my grandfather and grandmother.

My grandmother from the picture above feeding me as a baby!

My mom with me and my sister, Kelly. I'm the oldest :)

My mom and my Aunt Pat! My mom is the oldest, too :)
They were so cute!!
Sorry these pictures are not the best. I used my camera to take pictures from my album and frame.

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Tracy said...

I gave you an award on my blog! I have a few of my old dolls...the kids love looking at them, too!