Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trying on Clothes

This is Sarah expressing her dislike of trying on clothes.
Yesterday, Rob went shopping for Sarah and Emma to get them ready for the winter. Yes, my husband does most of the shopping. He is our shopper.! Rob knows the children's sizes better than I do. I feel the same way as Sarah when I have to go shopping and try on clothes. I want to just pull from the rack but Rob is very good at digging for great deals. Have I told you that I love this man!!!? By the way, I do love this man:)


Livingston Parish said...

LOL! How I felt shopping in the mall for jeans today! Now, I know why I like Wal-mart! In and OUT!

Tracy said...

It's me, Not LP! LOL!

Laura said...

She looks like Tate from that angle :)