Thursday, October 30, 2008

Playing at Mammaw's House

We came up to visit family and to help out as we prepare to bring Rob's mammaw back to live with us. These are some pictures taken on Wednesday. The children are having lots of fun and everyone is having a good time visiting.

Eating breakfast with Grandma Peggy.

Emma outside in the grass.

Cai looking out from inside.
He was being punished for doing the wrong thing while the others were playing. He wanted to ask if he could come back outside!

Grandma Peggy and Emma

Abram with his bow!

He was able to come back outside! Not sure why he had the stick in his mouth. It was stick day for the the boys:)
Cai hanging upside down from the trapeze bar on the swing set.

Cai, Emma, and Abram

Sarah playing on her mat.

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