Thursday, October 30, 2008

Playing With Poppy

Yesterday my father aka Poppy came over to visit. While some of the children were napping Poppy, Cade, and Ian had a game of tin ball and stick baseball. They took a tin pie plate and squeezed it into a ball and used sticks to hit it. I told you it was a stick day for the boys!!

Look carefully and you will see the "ball".

Poppy just pitched the ball to Cade who is getting ready to hit it.

Can you see it? The "ball" is getting closer to Cade. It is right above Ian's head.

Cade just hit the "ball". Can you see it?

Can you find the "ball"? It is close to Poppy. The "ball" flew past him. Way to go Cade!

Cade, Poppy, and Ian

Emma and Poppy
This is one of the first times Emma had anything to do with Poppy. Up until now she would cry and run away if Poppy tried to talk or play with her. She is warming up to him. Poppy was very excited. I convinced Emma to give Poppy a hug. After that she was having fun with Poppy.

Ian swinging from a rope swing.
Rob had fixed this rope swing which is hanging from a large tree in the yard a while ago. Today, Ian fixed a large stick to it so that he could ride on it.

Poppy was swinging Ian. Cai was wanting me to let him ride it. Emma is watching Ian.

Emma riding the tractor! See Poppy's hand. He was helping her out.

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Tracy said...

Great pics and looks like the kids are having a fun time away! Hope you are too!