Monday, October 20, 2008

Visiting Family

This past weekend we went to visit our family in WM. While we were there we were able to have Cade's birthday party, see my sister who came in town (haven't seen her since Christmas), and check on Rob's grandmother. These are some pictures from our trip.

Sweet Sarah

We had put her on a blanket at my uncle's house while we ate supper. She rolled the blanket on top of her and I caught this picture.

Emma eating an ice cream sandwich:)

Ian and Cade

Uncle Herbie with Abram and Cai.

Are there any more?

My sweet grandmother who turned 89 last month holding Sarah!
Cade's cookie cake

(Double fudge chocolate chip from the Cookie Company!!)

Me and my sister, Kelly

My dad and my sister

Aunt Pat picnicking with some of the boys. They decided to eat outside while the rest of us were inside at the party.

My mom, Cade, Kelly, and my dad munching on the food at the party.

My grandmother and Rob's grandmother

They like to visit with each other when we get together!

My man;)

Ginny aka Mimi (my dad's wife) and my dad

Watching Cade open his presents!

Showing off some of his presents...not sure what Ian is doing!

Kelly's cake...we celebrated her birthday as well since it is a week after Cade's. The writing was too big because I cut the bag too much.

Aunt Kelly with all of her nieces and nephews.

(These guys are armed and dangerous!)

The smiling nieces and nephews with Aunt Kelly.

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