Saturday, October 18, 2008

Shelbys Invade the Public School

We left Thursday evening to go to WM to visit our family, have Cade's 9th birthday party, and make some decisions regarding Rob's grandmother. Friday, we went to my Aunt's school to visit her during the day. She is a middle school P.E. teacher. By the way, my mom is a high school librarian and my uncle is a high school teacher as well. They were learning archery during this time so Ian, Tate, Cai, Abram and Emma were able to watch one of her classes. They were also put to work retrieving arrows after each round.

It is a really nice and clean school.

Some of the students shooting their bow.

These were their arrows in the targets.

Retrieving the arrows.

Aunt Pat with Ian and Tate

Tate's helping out.
After her class was finished, the children were able to try shooting the bows a few times. Here is Cai and Abram trying to figure it out.

Ian and Abram

Ian shooting the bow.
This is his arrow on the target.

Aunt Pat helping Abram with the bow.

Ian in by the fountain outside the front of the school.

Emma passing out candy.

Aunt Pat was letting her students shoot for candy. The team that shot the most arrows in the target won candy.

After shooting the bow the children were able to shoot basketball in the gym in between the class change. Most of those pictures did not turn out because I was using someone else's camera and I didn't know how to use it. So this is one of the only ones that turned out decent.


Tracy said...

Looks like fun! What a neat experience for the kids!

Anonymous said...

where is your mom a librarian?

Amy Shelby said...

For the privacy of my mother, I will not be able to answer this question especially since I don't know who asked. Thanks for your understanding!

Anonymous said...

I understand! I don't even know you either. I just happend upon your blog from another friends. I am a librarian and I was just wondering if we knew each other. I am in Livingston Parish.

Amy Shelby said...

Thanks for understanding. She is a librarian in a high school in Ouachita Parish. You would only know her if you came from that area. I am working on a post that will have a picture of her on there if your interested. By the way, I would love to know what friend we have in common.