Saturday, November 8, 2008


Rob walked outside the house this morning to get something from the storage room. While he was out there, he heard a band playing. He loaded up the four oldest boys to drive over to the high school to see what was going on over there. There was a band on the football field practicing. He thought, "I didn't know that DSHS was that good!" There was a guy sitting on a trombone case and another one on another instrument case wearing an Alabama cap and shirt. Rob asked if this was BAMA's band and they said yes. He asked if they could go in and watch them practice. The guys said yes and that he would hear better on the other side. Rob took the boys to the other side and they got to listen and watch the band practice their routine for the big LSU/BAMA game today.

By the way, my side of the family are BAMA fans. My grandfather played football for them and was from Alabama. We like LSU as well but do have a streak of red and white.

Sorry LSU on your loss today against BAMA!

LSU 21



Tracy said...

Roll Tide! I really don't care as I don't watch any football at all really...BUT I was born a BAMA fan and chose to be a FSU I'm all messed up! LOL!

But that IS SOOOO cool!! We were right down there in that neck of the woods, but didn't hear them?

Cynthia said...

What an AWESOME experience! There's nothing like watching a band rehearse on a football field!