Friday, November 7, 2008

Making a Trumpet (Shofars)

During Old Testament days, trumpets were often made from the horns of sheep. This type of trumpet was called a shofar (say it: show-far). The shofar was used to give signals. It wasn't used to make music. The Israelites used the shofar to signal many things, such as the starting of the Sabbath, calling people to battle, or scaring away their enemies.
(Info taken from book above!)

Making the shofars!

The boys blowing their shofars!

The boys still blowing their shofars with Emma in the picture.

Emma blowing (eating) her shofar.

This was one of the first group pictures taken but it had a big shadow on it. So, I just cropped her. She left after that picture!

Mommy and Cade being silly with the shofars!

Cade and Ian being silly!

The children are marching in a circle blowing their shofars outside under the carport!

Still marching...Still blowing!

Thought this one was cute because it looks like Emma is eating her shofar! By the way, she is soaking wet because she went to her kitchen that was full of water from the rain and played. They were supposed to just blow and march under the carport! Oh well, she had fun and had to change her clothes;) Also, some of the boys have guns they had made from our "sticky" blocks. What is it with boys and guns??


Tracy said...

Fun! Emma is her own girl momma!

Taryn said...

Looks like y'all had a lot of fun with this project!! Did the "wall" come down?

Funny that you mentioned the gun-thing. Cuz Mrs. Pat and I were just talking about that the other night and our conclusion was that "it's just in there. They know about guns from birth." And there ya go, trumpets and guns!