Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Ladybug!

Two years ago today our 1st little girl was born. It was a joy. After five boys, I just figured we would have boys. Papaw Shelby always said that Shelbys only have boys I guess we have proven otherwise and are thankful that our Lord has blessed us with these girls to go along with our boys. It has been interesting to see the differences between boys and girls so far. Glad that Rob and I will both get to experience the differences with the boys and girls and all the things that go along with that. We are really having fun with our girls. Love the dresses, dolls, bows, kitchen, etc.

Thought I would take you down a little trip of memory lane. These are some pictures of Emma from her birth, 1st birthday, and today...the big 2.

Sweet Baby Girl

Emma just a few days old.

1 years old

These two pictures were taken right before her first birthday.

The pictures below were taken today!

Little Miss Two Year Old

This is more like it!

I love my sweet stinker rooney, Emma!!

Happy Birthday Emma!


Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Cute stuff! I LOVE the 3rd picture down!

Taryn said...

Happy Birthday Emma!!! It was great hanging out with ya at church yesterday morning! Hugs from Mrs. Taryn!