Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Celebration ~ Stations

Hang on for this one because it is a long one!
You might be at a homeschool function if you see a row of vans like these!
We got together to do a Thanksgiving Celebration. There were 6 stations for the children. We had 15 families which totaled over 60 people for this activity. We broke all of the children into 6 different groups and rotated between each station. There was one mommy running each station and one mommy in each group to help the children.

Gathering the children to split into groups.

Getting into groups.

Oreo Turkey Station:
Some of the ingredients for an Oreo turkey.

Tate working on his turkey.

Cai listening to his instructions.
Luke making his turkey.

Mariah working on her turkey.

It looks like Cai tasted his turkey! ;)
Oreo Turkey

Mrs. Starr explaining how to make butter.

Shaking the whipping cream trying to make butter.

Pouring out the buttermilk.
Squeezing the butter to get all of the liquid out.


Indian Headband Station:
Putting the feathers on the band.

Making headbands.
Taking turns making the headbands.
Cade acting like an Indian.

We took a picture of each child in their Indian headbands and printed them out to put in their picture frames.

Indian Headband

Thanksgiving Frame Station:
Making the picture frames.
Kaylyn working on her frame.
Picture Frame

Some of the guys working on their frames.

More Picture Frames

Pumpkin Station:
Taryn is talking to the children about pumpkins. Each child will dig in the pumpkin for seeds then they can take the seeds home and plant them in the spring. Also, they decorated paper bags at this station to carry their stuff.
Abram working on his bag.

Working on the bags.

Some of the children gathered around the pumpkin.

Getting ready to dig into the pumpkin.

Digging in!
Pumpkin Seeds

Pilgrim Station:
At this station, Mrs. Tonia taught the children info about the pilgrims including the mayflower. They were able to do coloring sheets pertaining to this station as well.
Learning about the pilgrims.
Showing them a picture of the Plimouth Plantation.
Looking at a picture of the Mayflower.

Daddy Helpers: These two daddies came to help out and participate with their wives and children. They were in charge of watching the little ones on the playground while we were learning and working at each station. Thanks dads!
Overall, I think this turned out to be a success for our first time. Look forward to trying this again next year. Hope everyone had a great time!

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Tonia Dake said...

Awesome job, Amy! These pics make me want to go back for more!! lol
Looks like I missed out on some great booths. Y'all did a great job with this! Thanks for all the organizing and hard work. We're blessed to be part of LPSG Homeschoolers. Thanks again.