Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Mammaw

I am out of town right now due to the illness of my grandmother. She was taken to the hospital Wednesday evening. She took a turn for the worse and she went to meet the Lord today around 11:30 AM on this glorious Lord's day. She went very peacefully. I had the opportunity to spend the evening at the hospital all night with my family and was there when she went to meet the Lord. Please be in prayer for my family during this time especially for my Aunt Pat, my Uncle Herbie, and my mother.
She was a very dear lady. Always concerned about others and not herself. She was a nurse by profession, a mother, a lover, a grandmother, a great-grandmother, a sister, and a friend. She cared for my grandfather to the very end like no woman I have ever seen before. She did things for him that I don't know if I could do for Rob at this time though I pray I can be that kind of wife to My Love. She was strong and always held the family together. She was a special lady in my life and I am very grateful that our Father allowed her to be apart of my life. I hope I can be at least half of who she was. May the love of Christ be shown through me along with some of the attributes of my grandmother.

My Sweet Mammaw

(By the way, I will be away from the computer for a few day dealing with family matters. Feel free to call my cell phone while I'm away if you would like. Thank you in advance for your prayers!)


Tracy said...

Sorry to hear of your loss! Praying for your family!

Hope your sister made it into town too!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet and loving tribute to your grandmother. That's what we all want - to stand before the Lord and be called faithful and have our children rise up and call us blessed. God is good.

We're praying for you.

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

I am praying and grieving for you and your family. I am glad you have a peace that your grandma is with our Lord, in perfect peace. No suffering, no more fighting with sin, and best of all...with our great Redeemer, praising Him.

Let us know if we can do anything.

Kristi said...

I lost my Mammaw about 15 years ago. It's so hard to lose someone who means so much to you. You're in my thoughts and prayers!