Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving Celebration Preview

Today we had a Thanksgiving Celebration as part of a homeschool activity. We had 15 families which totaled over 60 people at Candi's house. I will have much better pictures soon. These are just a few of the pictures that I took while running around coordinating the event. My friend, Tracy, was the photographer for today. She is a homeschool mom who is also a photographer. Check out her site at Shots From the Heart Photography.
We had six different stations: Oreo Turkeys, Pilgrim Info, Indian Headbands, Making Butter, Pumpkin, and Thanksgiving Picture Frames. After we rotated all of the stations, we partook in a Thanksgiving meal.

Some of the food...most of it was in the ovens heating up. Behind the food you will see some of the children at the pilgrim station.

Making Thanksgiving picture frames.

Oreo Turkey

More Food...I didn't get a picture of the dessert table!

Pumpkin Station

Making Indian Headbands

Getting ready to make butter.

Look carefully at the picture. One of the moms came dressed as a pilgrim.

Making Oreo Turkeys
Be on the look out for more pictures of better quality pictures coming soon .
Thank you to all of the moms for helping out and bringing the delicious food!

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Tracy said...

Thanks Amy for organizing the event it was fun! My actual website is
What you posted is just my client info blog! Thanks for advertising for me!