Monday, November 10, 2008

Reading with Mammaw

Yesterday morning I found Tate and Cai sitting in Mammaw's bed listening to her read them a story. They had already gotten dress for church and were waiting for the time to leave.
Mammaw has been doing a lot of reading lately. You can usually find one of the boys sitting on the wheel of her wheelchair in the living room listening to a story when she is up out of bed. They have been enjoying this time with her. I think she is enjoying it as well.

Rob and I have been rotating going to church. One of us takes the children in the morning and the other goes at night with them. The first week has gone pretty good. We are enjoying the sweet time with Mammaw.

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Tracy said...

That is so awesome! It brought tears to my eyes, as my Grandmother is in the same situation, yet she is almost blind and LOVES to read. So, my kids read to her! But that would have been so sweet to have it the other way around!