Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Book Recommendation

This is a great book about biblical child rearing for mothers. It is not only a how to but why you need to do this and what effect it may have on the future. The "world" today would not like this book at all. If you don't want what the world offers but are more interested in what God's word has to say about this issue, I highly recommend this book which was first published back in 1833.
Sorry this is all I have for this week. Someone was asking for something for their daughter and I mentioned this book which got me to thinking about others who may not have heard of it.
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j said...

Hi Amy, thanks for participating in Help for Growing Families. I just noticed that you linked using your homepage URL. Please come back to Ship Full O' Pirates and link up again using the permalink to your Help for Growing Families post.
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