Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday ~ Baked Knives

Baked Beans or Baked Knives...that is the question?

I left the kitchen for a moment and came back to find that Emma had put a lot of our knives in my baked beans for supper. She pulled up her stool and decided to pull knives from the knife block and dump them in. Two big wrongs...don't play with knives and hot stove!!!
Always something to blog about in our home;)
PS. Thanks Laura for my new wordless Wednesday image!


Tracy said...

Oh My! Was was waiting for the special the metal made the beans taste better...then my mouth dropped open!

MamaJ said...

That's hilarious! I found your cute blog through "Help for Large Families." Great site!

Amy Shelby said...

Mama J,
She is a mess! I tell you girls are definitely different than boys at least that is my experience after 5 boys in a row. I tried to comment on your most recent post regarding nursing and sleep but it did not show up. Not sure what is wrong??!! If your interested send me an email or respond via blog and I will try to send it again.