Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Chinese Dragons

The boys colored Chinese dragons today while I read about ancient China. This went along with our studies for the week because the dragon is very important in China.
Cade's dragon...he added the yin yang symbols to his because I was reading about Taoism while he was coloring.

Abram's dragon

Ian's dragon

Tate's dragon

My little dragons!

Cai is not in the picture because he went camping with Daddy today. Rob takes the boys on a father/son camping trip when they turn four. We are a little behind because he will turn five at the end of this month. I talked to them earlier and they are having a great time. Hopefully I will have pictures for you soon. Be on the look out for that soon! Hope they stay warm because it is cold out tonight.

symbol of dragon

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Tracy said...

I have an entire Scrapbooked album and Chinese money, etc..if your interested! I went there on a mission trip.