Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Chinese Numbers

This week we are learning about ancient China. We have learned that the language was different in many parts of the country so they were not able to communicate with each other. One of the emperors created a writing system so that all could understand each other through writing. You read their writing going down in columns instead of left to right as we do.

Ian decided to write his age with a Chinese number all by himself. As you will see below, the other brothers followed behind him.

This was a simple project but they had fun doing it. We are keeping it simple these days. I'm sure my friend, Candi, will come up with something neat for her children such as making a kite. I just don't have the time, materials or energy to fit that in this week.

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see the boys learning about China...my professor at college would be so proud. He is convinced that EVERYONE should know about Chinese history. Cade, Ian, Tate, Kai, Abram... maybe even Emma and Sarah will be ahead of the game if they go to college someday!
Sarah is getting so big! I can hardly believe it. Finals will be over after next week...we will have to see you all sometime!