Thursday, December 11, 2008

Football with Craig ~ WM Christmas Parade

Football with Craig
OK, I made a big mistake or something. Some how I added the football pictures to the Christmas parade post. Therefore, this will be a REALLY LONG post. I'm not going to try and download the pictures all over again due to time. So sit back and enjoy two post in one!
Craig and two of his children, Luke and Cameron, came up to WM for Mammaw's funeral. After the graveside service, they came back to Mammaw's house for lunch. After lunch, the boys and Craig had a little game of football.

Craig giving instructions!

Go long Luke!

They love the tackling part of football.

Get ready!

Catch it Craig!

Down again!

Craig giving his players their game plan.

Calling some error...sorry I don't know a lot about football so I don't remember the call.

Emma got in on it for a minute. Ian didn't tackle her...he was just playing with her.

This was her back after she rolled on the ground.

Craig and the boys with Emma.

Cai wanted to take another picture because he was laying on the ground crying in the other picture.

Thanks Craig! The boys had a lot of fun.

WM Christmas Parade
We noticed in the paper Saturday that WM was having their Christmas parade so we decided to take the children. This was their 1st parade.
Poppy (my dad) came with us to the parade.

Emma and Poppy

Abram getting ready!

My Alma Mater!

WM Rebel with the elves.

Have to have an Elvis...right?!!

Emma with Daddy. She got the Pooh bear from the parade.


Mr. Reindeer

My dad went to this one for candy because this is one of his friends.

A wrecker with scripture on it.

The man with the red suit!

This lady took to Abram and loaded him up with candy and stuff at the parade. In fact, he left with three bags full of stuff.

Turtle Abram with a back load!

Sarah passed out toward the end of the parade.


Rob and the children

The aftermath of the parade!!

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Tracy said...

Love that he played in his good Emma tackle and the clowns!

Better watch out looks like that lady might steal him!