Thursday, January 8, 2009

Greek Feast ~ Project

As I talked about in one of my previous post, we have been studying Ancient Greece the past two weeks. It has been fun but a real eye opener with all of the mythology. The children are noticing a pattern in each culture with the worship of many gods instead of the One True Living God.
We had a lot of fun getting together today and playing yet schooling!

I'm helping the boys with the Sesame Circles.

Abram and Cai

Candi helping the boys with the Sesame Circles.

Sesame Circles

The children made mini pizzas using olive oil instead of tomato sauce with topping choices of salami, cheese and olives.

Eating their food.

We also ordered Greek food from Albasha's today as well to add to our feast. Of course, that was mostly for Candi and I. Thanks Candi for having us over today. We had a great time!

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