Thursday, March 12, 2009

12 1/2 Week Check-up

Today I went for a check-up with my midwife. Everything went well. I had all of my 1st check-up exam stuff done today since they were not able to do it last time. Oh last time, I had my ultrasound but was not able to complete my visit. A substation blew right after I had my ultrasound and the power was out for a while. Bethanie, my midwife, came and chatted with me for a while and we decided to just wait and do all the exam stuff with the next visit. She had no concerns for me so I waited four weeks and had the visit today.
Everything is going well. I heard the baby's heartbeat via the Doppler today which is always exciting. I am feeling much better than I was a few weeks ago. Praise the Lord! I was having nausea pretty much all day everyday for several weeks. I am glad that has seemed to have past even though I seem to get some every now and then. Still very tired but that could have to do with everything that is going on right now so I am making it through it. Actually I should say Christ getting me through it.
I won't have another update until May in which I will go and have my ultrasound and check-up. That will be the big day in which we find out whether it is a blue baby or a pink baby. Can't wait to find out! I love having the midwife. She is so laid back and knows that it is difficult to come so frequently with the all the children so she said just wait. It was her idea not mind isn't that great. I can always call her if I have any concerns. I'll keep you updated!

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