Thursday, March 26, 2009


The last week we have been working on weeding the flowerbeds. We meaning the boys and I helped some though it is hard to keep them focused on their task when they want to play!! Each day that we can, we focus on one flowerbed. There are a lot more flowerbeds at our new house to work on. While we were working, we got to see lots of bugs. Here are just a few bugs that we found in the dirt:

These little black and red bugs looked a lot like a ladybug but I'm pretty sure they're not ladybugs. They liked to be clustered on top of each other. When I was pulling the grass and weeds in this area, they started moving around.

We found lots of snail shells in the flowerbeds but this was the first one we saw out of his shell. I know it is hard to see but it was an interesting find for us. (I tried to crop it closer but it became very fuzzy and blurry!)

This was the same snail but he went back in his shell when I picked him up and put him on the concrete edging. I thought he would come back out but I didn't have time to wait on him.

This little grub was uncovered after pulling a patch of weed. When I asked Cade to hold it on a stick for me for my other post, he thought it would be funny to throw it on me. Well of course I didn't think it was quite so cute and we gently put him back in his soil. (The groub of course not Cade!!)
Don't forget about the ants. There were ant beds in several different places that made it a little more difficult to work but we managed. I had to stir up this one so I could get an active picture of the ants.

We're still not finished and now we have rain so it will have to wait a little while before we can go back out and work some more. We are slowly getting it done. We will all be glad when Daddy will be able to be home to spray weed killer and put out ant poison.

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