Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Rescue Story!

First let me start out by saying, hello. I feel like I have not had time to write too much of the happenings around here and have only been putting pictures with little words. Not that I ever had too many word....hahaha! Ahem. Anyway, we have been very busy around here since we have moved. What am I talking about because we have been very busy since last October when Mammaw came to live with us. Since then we got to enjoy a special time with her before she passed away, I had my grandmother pass away a week and a half before Rob's mammaw, we squeezed Christmas in there,found out we were expecting again, moved, have been working on the other house and trying to have some since of normalcy in the new house. It has been crazy busy!
I am thankful that I have gotten pass the weeks of nausea due to pregnancy and am feeling much better. Rob is gone several times a week after work and most Saturdays trying to get the other house ready to put on the market. It has taken a lot longer than we thought but it does look like the end is in sight. Praise the Lord! I know Rob is tired with working his normal hours at work, trying to prepare Sunday School lessons, working on the old house and trying to find time for us as well. He would rather be here with us than being away. I'm tired of the long days in which he doesn't come home until late and trying to tend to all of the children for the whole days without that break in which daddy comes home. All that to say, we've been busy and are still busy but hope that it will be over soon. Then, we can focus on the new house.
Now for my rescue story:
Rob picked Ian up to help him with the old house after he got off worked on Monday evening. Ian was pressure washing the house outside and Rob was reinstalling doors from painting. He was putting the door up in his closet while he was in the closet. Needless to say, he did not put the door knob on the inside of the door where he was so he could not get out of the closet. Since Ian was outside pressure washing he was unable to hear Rob calling for him. Rob realized that the electrical box was in the closet with him so he turned off Ian's power. Ian sat there trying to figure out why the pressure washer would not work. Rob decided it was long enough so he started calling out to Ian. "Help Ian!", cried Daddy. Ian heard Rob and ran in to see what was wrong. For once, Ian came quickly. Rob instructed him where the screwdriver was and Ian was able to rescue daddy out of the closet. Yeah Ian!!
Glad Ian was there to help out. I am most confident that Rob would have figured it out if Ian were not there but I'm glad he was able to help his daddy out.
Thanks guys (this includes Rob, Cade, and Ian) for all of your hard work!! I love you:)
Hope things slow down soon so I can post a little more often besides pictures such as school projects or whatnot. Right now I have just been trying to stay afloat with school and everyday happenings. Til next time!


Tracy said...

Too funny! Something my DH would do!

Jenn said...

FUNNY!!! I just read the whole story to my hubby. Quite hillarious!