Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Camping Day 2 ~ General

These are pictures of other things that took place on Day 2. We had a busy day but it was a lot of fun.

Uncle Craig playing tee ball with the kids. That's Ian who just knocked the ball out of the park!

Rob was playing catcher.

Emma on one of the Lindsays' scooter.

We had a group grilling for supper. Everyone brought things to grill on the big grill together. Here are some of the men standing around the grill.

Mrs. Starr came up to check on their food while Mr. Ronnie grilled their salmon burgers, steaks, and hamburgers.

We had hamburgers for Rob, Craig, Candi and I while the kids had hot dogs. We cooked chili and had two different pasta salads to go with the meal. Several of us actually made chili cheese burgers...yummy! The kids decided to cook their own wieners over the camp fire so they were finished eating before we sat down for dinner.

Rob took everyone on a hayride minus the hay in his trailer and truck bed. It turned out to be a lot of fun. Everyone enjoyed it.

Emma trying to figure out what's going on!

Cesar decided to be our guide during the ride in which many make-believe animals and characters were made up along the way. It was so funny!!

Abram with his dirty face enjoying the ride.

Candi stopped to smile for me along the way.

Sarah thought this is strange...what are we doing?

Martha and Sarah
Martha loves to hold Sarah so she spent a lot of time helping me out with Sarah during our camping trip.

Camp fire
On the evenings of Day 2, we gather around the camp fire and sing hymns together. It is always a very sweet time of praise.

This is the pavilion at night looking at it from the camp fire area.

Matthew and Mr. Ronnie
(son and father)

Micah hanging out on a blanket under the pavilion. Poor thing, she didn't feel good for most of the trip. She kept running a pretty high fever.

Me and My Man...without showers on the evening of Day 2!
That would be the end of Day 2. The next post will be of Day 3...the final day.


The Munck Family said...

Very neat camping place, with lots to do.

The cookout looked yummy! Why is food so good when your camping?!

Jenn said...

More great pics. I especially like the one of you and hubby. It looks great!!