Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Camping Day 3

The final day is always busy too because you have to take down your site. We began this day with breakfast. The Lindsays and us had french toast with sausage and bacon. It was yummy!! Then we began taking down our tents and packing everything up. We always stay for lunch before we leave. We had chili dogs, chips and cookies. The Shelbys always stay and eat lunch with Pastor Dale and Mrs. Pat while other families tend to go ahead and leave after they pack up. Pastor Dale always cooks our dogs and Mrs. Pat heats up the chili and shares her cookies. She wasn't going to make cookies this year since she started making her own granola bars but she made them for me because of our lunch tradition. :) Thank you Mrs. Pat....they were great!! After lunch, we finish cleaning up and headed home.

Eating breakfast Candi mixing the egg mixture for the adults french toast.

It was cool Saturday morning and I forgot to pack Emma a long sleeve shirt or jacket so Emma hid in Daddy's jacket to keep warm.

Breaking down the tents.

Emptying our tent and gathering all of the dirty clothes for everyone in our family!

Rob folding up our mattress.

The kids playing on the play area while the others work.

Still working on the tents.
We had a great time camping. The weather turned out to be lovely even though we were supposed to get rain on Thursday and Friday. The kids had fun and now we are finishing up all of the laundry from getting back. The next post will be some cute pictures taken throughout the entire trip by Pastor Dale. Hope you are not tired of seeing all of the pictures yet!

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Jenn said...

So much fun!! Yummy on the french toast too!