Friday, April 24, 2009

Horse Field Trip ~ Part 1

Yesterday, we had a field trip to Meadowview Stables to learn about horses and to ride them. Mrs. Sam graciously opened her stable to us for FREE. It was a lovely hot day. Yes, in Louisiana it is HOT in April. If you don't believe us, come on down for a visit!
This was the largest field trip that I've put together. We had 23 adults and 80 children. That's right 80 children and that was after three families ended up having to cancel at the last minute. Everything went very well and the children had a great time. We split the children into 3 groups and had 3 stations to rotate. The stations were grooming and stables, craft table (coloring, stamping, stenciling horse/cowboys pictures) and riding the horses.
I didn't get a full group shot because we had several families that were late. We were about to begin and they all showed up at the last minute which took time to get names tags and place them into their groups.

Some of group 1

Some of group 2

Some of group 3

Our group started at the grooming/stables. The kids got to take turns grooming the horses.

What is Tate thinking?

What are they doing to me?

Cai brushing the pretty horse.

Picking the horses foot.

a Gray Flea Bitten horse

learning about the horses


This horse had very good bloodline! Her daddy rode in the Olympics!!

Eating a treat.
All of the children who wanted to could give the horses treats.

One of the moms pointed this out which became a distraction for a moment because all of the boys wanted to see the bug.

This boy was not afraid to pick up this BIG beetle.

He looks cute in this picture but he was actually complaining because he was thirsty!

Little Elijah riding a horse as we walked by to see the new baby horse.
He is two years old but tiny.
Tate picked me some flowers!

Mommy and baby horse

This pony was only a couple of months old.
The next post will consist of the next two stations.
Coming soon!

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